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  1. Photo of Ladislao Vajda

    Ladislao Vajda Director

  2. Photo of Helmut Ungerland

    Helmut Ungerland Executive Producer and Producer

  3. Photo of Walter Koppel

    Walter Koppel Producer

  4. Photo of Gyula Trebitsch

    Gyula Trebitsch Producer

  5. Photo of Herman Shiffrin

    Herman Shiffrin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hans Jacoby

    Hans Jacoby Screenplay

  7. Photo of István Békeffy

    István Békeffy Screenplay

  8. Photo of Günther Anders

    Günther Anders Cinematography

  9. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Cast

  10. Photo of Giulia Follina

    Giulia Follina Cast

  11. Photo of Annemarie Düringer

    Annemarie Düringer Cast

  12. Photo of Gustav Knuth

    Gustav Knuth Cast

  13. Photo of Siegfried Wischnewski

    Siegfried Wischnewski Cast

  14. Photo of Werner Schumacher

    Werner Schumacher Cast

  15. Photo of Joseph Offenbach

    Joseph Offenbach Cast

  16. Photo of Hermann Haller

    Hermann Haller Editing

  17. Photo of Albrecht Becker

    Albrecht Becker Production Design

  18. Photo of Zoltan Gara

    Zoltan Gara Production Design

  19. Photo of Herbert Kirchhoff

    Herbert Kirchhoff Production Design

  20. Photo of Siegfried Franz

    Siegfried Franz Music

  21. Photo of Werner Schlagge

    Werner Schlagge Sound

  22. Photo of Else Heckmann

    Else Heckmann Costume Design

  23. Photo of Werner Hinz

    Werner Hinz Cast