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  1. Photo of David Cronenberg

    David Cronenberg Director

  2. Photo of George Bloomfield

    George Bloomfield Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Eoin Sprott

    Eoin Sprott Producer

  4. Photo of David Cole

    David Cole Screenplay

  5. Photo of Amelia Hall

    Amelia Hall Cast

  6. Photo of Susan Hogan

    Susan Hogan Cast

  7. Photo of Richard Monette

    Richard Monette Cast

  8. Photo of Doris Petrie

    Doris Petrie Cast

  9. Photo of Rudi Dorn

    Rudi Dorn Production Design

  10. Photo of Bill Dunn

    Bill Dunn Sound

  11. Photo of Roland Huebsch

    Roland Huebsch Sound