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  1. Photo of Jerry Ciccoritti

    Jerry Ciccoritti Director

  2. Photo of Semi Chellas

    Semi Chellas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stephen Rea

    Stephen Rea Cast

  4. Photo of Catherine O'Hara

    Catherine O'Hara Cast

  5. Photo of Sarah Polley

    Sarah Polley Cast

  6. Photo of Joe Pantoliano

    Joe Pantoliano Cast

  7. Photo of David Hewlett

    David Hewlett Cast

  8. Photo of Emily Hampshire

    Emily Hampshire Cast

  9. Photo of Joel S. Keller

    Joel S. Keller Cast

  10. Photo of Leslie Hope

    Leslie Hope Cast

  11. Photo of Nina Shock

    Nina Shock Cast

  12. Photo of Alison Pill

    Alison Pill Cast

  13. Photo of Fab Filippo

    Fab Filippo Cast

  14. Photo of Carl Marotte

    Carl Marotte Cast

  15. Photo of Callum Keith Rennie

    Callum Keith Rennie Cast

  16. Photo of Jacob Tierney

    Jacob Tierney Cast

  17. Photo of Alberta Watson

    Alberta Watson Cast

  18. Photo of Albert Schultz

    Albert Schultz Cast

  19. Photo of Karyn Dwyer

    Karyn Dwyer Cast

  20. Photo of Ingrid Veninger

    Ingrid Veninger Cast

  21. Photo of Norayr Kasper

    Norayr Kasper Cinematography

  22. Photo of Ron Sures

    Ron Sures Music

  23. Photo of Jasna Stefanovic

    Jasna Stefanovic Production Design

  24. Photo of Ilana Frank

    Ilana Frank Producer

  25. Photo of Ted East

    Ted East Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Nick Rotundo

    Nick Rotundo Editing

  27. Photo of George Roulston

    George Roulston Editing

  28. Photo of Nelson Ferreira

    Nelson Ferreira Sound