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  1. Photo of Lucio D'Ambra

    Lucio D'Ambra Story and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fosco Giachetti

    Fosco Giachetti Cast

  3. Photo of Gaby Morlay

    Gaby Morlay Cast

  4. Photo of Germana Paolieri

    Germana Paolieri Cast

  5. Photo of Camillo Pilotto

    Camillo Pilotto Cast

  6. Photo of Cesco Baseggio

    Cesco Baseggio Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Jacobini

    Maria Jacobini Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Cebotari

    Maria Cebotari Cast

  9. Photo of Febo Mari

    Febo Mari Cast

  10. Photo of Carlo Duse

    Carlo Duse Cast

  11. Photo of Eugenio Duse

    Eugenio Duse Cast

  12. Photo of Enrico Glori

    Enrico Glori Cast

  13. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  14. Photo of Clara Padoa

    Clara Padoa Cast

  15. Photo of Achille Majeroni

    Achille Majeroni Cast

  16. Photo of Carlo Tamberlani

    Carlo Tamberlani Cast

  17. Photo of Augusto Di Giovanni

    Augusto Di Giovanni Cast

  18. Photo of Gustavo Serena

    Gustavo Serena Cast

  19. Photo of Guido Celano

    Guido Celano Cast

  20. Photo of Lamberto Picasso

    Lamberto Picasso Cast

  21. Photo of Massimo Terzano

    Massimo Terzano Cinematography

  22. Photo of Guido Fiorini

    Guido Fiorini Production Design

  23. Photo of Camillo Parravicini

    Camillo Parravicini Production Design

  24. Photo of Carmine Gallone

    Carmine Gallone Producer, Director, Screenplay Story

  25. Photo of Oswald Hafenrichter

    Oswald Hafenrichter Editing

  26. Photo of Hans Bittmann

    Hans Bittmann Sound

  27. Photo of Ettore Forni

    Ettore Forni Sound

  28. Photo of Titina Rota

    Titina Rota Costume Design

  29. Photo of Ettore Corsi

    Ettore Corsi Art Department

  30. Photo of Luigi Petricca

    Luigi Petricca Art Department