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  1. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

  2. Miguel Duarte's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

  3. lou.'s rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Ohlala, quelle histore! Ce film m'a vraiment frappée, donc il doit être forcement beau, car je me sens encore bouleversée par sentiments très différents tous à la fois: au début, une sorte de pitié pour un bande à part des gars se transforme en dégoût, et puis, en honte immense.«Fremdschämen» les allemands diraient pour exprimer l'embarras due à une action perpétrés par d'autres. Enfin, un accès de rage et désespoir.

  4. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    There's a stunning confidence to this debut. What I found most impressive was the natural ease and rhythm of the piece through which Dumont manages to portray the monotonous provincial life in a way that never feels boring - to me these are cinematic virtues that are more important than the "extremity" aspects with which he is associated. He achieves a poetry yet does not compromise the exploration of human ugliness.

  5. nica's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    I definitely approve of the underrepresented subject matters Dumont chose to explore in this, though I’m not sure he really gave me anything valuable at the end of the day.

  6. Jarek Tokarski's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Masterpiece. The greatness of using a film form and symbolic editing. Absolutely fantastic view of small town and tensions, hypocrisy and not knowing how to deal with your own emotions.

  7. Addy K.'s rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    A director's first film contains everything they are ever interested in. At least in Bruno Dumont's case, whose first film perfectly captures the mundane, terrifying and spectacular experience of living. Dumont's pin-sharp direction, the gorgeous cinematography with its closeups and lush naturalism, an elliptical yet evocative narrative; all support the central idea that every day is a test, a search for grace.

  8. Federico D'Accinni's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    It's always interesting and stimulating to see an established director's first feature in order to trace his/her progress as a filmmaker and author up to today; Bruno Dumont's first work is narratively simple but it successfully portraits the provinciality and boredom of everyday life within a gang of young friends; on a stylistical level, I found a few similarities with the Dardenne brothers in its approach. 3/5

  9. Adam Whybray's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Hard and tender like a Greek morality play without the moral... save that toxic masculinity fucks up boys, but the grim tragedy is they then go and fuck up girls' lives even worse. The countrysides, faces and attitudes reminded me of my native Suffolk.

  10. ssolf's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

  11. Levi Miah's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    A mesmerising debut, almost polished in comparison to his later works while featuring all of the elements later used in varying degrees. The actions of the characters are brutal but Dumont colours them into three dimensions, showing us motive without justifying the action. He begins his career here by carrying on the path of British directors like Alan Clarke by providing an unbiased voice for the underclass.

  12. Luca Casilli's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

  13. Hugo Sypniewski-D'Argantel's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    This is a brilliant introduction to Dumont's cinematic experience and his other movies such as Flandres, Humanity or 29 Palms. Realistic gospel-style drama with non-professional actors, full of character, and deep psycho-analysis of life in northern French rural provincial town with wider social reflections on unemployment, immigration and sexuality in bucolic naturalistic surrounding.

  14. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    The social life of young adults in a small rural town in France in 1996 seems little different from that of England, 1966 but in this coolly observed style of film making it seems much, much more terrifying.

  15. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Some impressively raw central performances help to make this drama an interesting and occasionally mesmerising watch. It could have done with something extra in the mix (perhaps a stronger sense that some of the main characters may be putting themselves in a dangerous situation) but this is an assured debut from writer-director Bruno Dumont.

  16. Alex Hall's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Much better than L'il Quinquin.

  17. SiIencio's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Dumont explores with bradycardia and parsimony and a great deal of compassion the phenomenon of the millenial NEETs, or yobs if you prefer. Despite the film's uncomfortable simplicity and aparent lack of ambition there lies within its soporific cadence a reportedly non-judgemental but still strongly political, philosophical and humanistic allegation against these our conflicting and globalised societies.

  18. Zahrathustra's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Dumont is probably one of the greatest contemporary French directors

  19. Matthew's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    A prescient film exploring issues of social alienation, nationalism and racism bought about by the frustrated, unimaginative and repetitive nature of everyday existence.

  20. Emmet Holmes-Boyes's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Truly beautiful and gripping piece of filmmaking. The first film i have seen by Bruno Dumont has left me full of excitement to watch more. I felt like sorry for the mundane and slow existence lead by the main characters. Bringing back memories of my own childhood despite being a world away.

  21. cosmicambience's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Feels properly in line with the existential youth-tinted angst of the new wave, and Dumont's level of detachment, searching for grace in a place crippled by miserabilist depravity and racial tension, is infrequently brutal. Probably as essential as La Haine as far as the late nineties renaissance of French social realism goes.

  22. Wee Hunk's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    I was struck by the contrast of the sensitivity of the boys towards AIDS, and their ignorant attitude to almost everything else. Dumont is a master in capturing small town life with a distinctive, non-judgemental eye. What do you do when you've got nowhere to go?

  23. anthony's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Not a likeable character in it. Hard, grim and humour free. An interesting perspective on harsh small town worlds and perhaps stupid cruel youth not aware of right and wrong. The lead actor died as a hobo in 2015 : /

  24. Superfrog's rating of the film The Life of Jésus

    Delivers extremely well, mostly avoiding miserabilism by avoiding the gift of excuses to tribal/antisocial behaviour and not painting the opposing side as a perfect angel. The image is great, the sex scenes amazing (the quickie in the field is one of the best 4 second of sex on screen I have seen). Somewhere between Oshima and Dardennes (nah, JK), but good in very different ways.

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