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  1. Photo of Henry Felt

    Henry Felt Director

  2. Photo of Chaver Pahver

    Chaver Pahver Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mendele Mocher Sforim

    Mendele Mocher Sforim Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shirley Ulmer

    Shirley Ulmer Screenplay

  5. Photo of David Opatoshu

    David Opatoshu Cast

  6. Photo of Helen Beverly

    Helen Beverly Cast

  7. Photo of Isidore Cashier

    Isidore Cashier Cast

  8. Photo of Rosetta Bialis

    Rosetta Bialis Cast

  9. Photo of Anna Guskin

    Anna Guskin Cast

  10. Photo of J. Burgi Contner

    J. Burgi Contner Cinematography

  11. Photo of Edward Hyland

    Edward Hyland Cinematography

  12. Photo of Robert Benney

    Robert Benney Production Design

  13. Photo of Edgar G. Ulmer

    Edgar G. Ulmer Production Design, Director, Producer Screenplay

  14. Photo of Jack Kemp

    Jack Kemp Editing

  15. Photo of Dean Cole

    Dean Cole Sound and Music

  16. Photo of Aaron Mensch

    Aaron Mensch Costume Design