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  1. Photo of Kevin Billington

    Kevin Billington Director

  2. Photo of Lady Rachel Billington

    Lady Rachel Billington Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tom Rowe

    Tom Rowe Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jules Verne

    Jules Verne Screenplay

  5. Photo of Yul Brynner

    Yul Brynner Cast

  6. Photo of Samantha Eggar

    Samantha Eggar Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Claude Drouot

    Jean-Claude Drouot Cast

  8. Photo of Fernando Rey

    Fernando Rey Cast

  9. Photo of Renato Salvatori

    Renato Salvatori Cast

  10. Photo of Massimo Ranieri

    Massimo Ranieri Cast

  11. Photo of Aldo Sambrell

    Aldo Sambrell Cast

  12. Photo of Tito García

    Tito García Cast

  13. Photo of Víctor Israel

    Víctor Israel Cast

  14. Photo of Antonio Rebollo

    Antonio Rebollo Cast

  15. Photo of Luis Barboo

    Luis Barboo Cast

  16. Photo of Tony Cyrus

    Tony Cyrus Cast

  17. Photo of Oscar Davis

    Oscar Davis Cast

  18. Photo of Alejandro de Enciso

    Alejandro de Enciso Cast

  19. Photo of Martin Uviente

    Martin Uviente Cast

  20. Photo of John Clark

    John Clark Cast

  21. Photo of Maria Borge

    Maria Borge Cast

  22. Photo of Juan Cazalilla

    Juan Cazalilla Cast

  23. Photo of Henri Decae

    Henri Decae Cinematography

  24. Photo of Cecilio Paniagua

    Cecilio Paniagua Cinematography

  25. Photo of Piero Piccioni

    Piero Piccioni Music

  26. Photo of Enrique Alarcón

    Enrique Alarcón Production Design

  27. Photo of Kirk Douglas

    Kirk Douglas Producer and Cast

  28. Photo of Alfredo Matas

    Alfredo Matas Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Bert Bates

    Bert Bates Editing