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  1. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film The Limey

    You tell Valentine that Wilson is coming to ask about Jenny in this hard-boiled neo-noir Soderbergh directs with style & attitude (good storytelling & editing it had).

  2. dionysus67's rating of the film The Limey

    For all its homage to Loach and its (justified) hagiography of Terence Stamp as well as for its 1960s/1970s icons Fonda and Dallessandro, Soderbergh's stylish film fails ultimately to engage and to convey a film style, which in directors like Michael Mann would have led to superior results. The video-clip aesthetic and the excess in rapid flashbacks destroy any photographic verisimilitude. Thin characterization too.

  3. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film The Limey

    obviously love this because it was shot by my boyfriend ed lachman. i’m sure it was divisive, but also love the strange editing.

  4. Blumes's rating of the film The Limey

    perfect double bill with Haywire.

  5. Josh the Bookseller's rating of the film The Limey

    Criterion Channel has The Limey double-featured with Mulholland Drive, which is unflattering contrast. Obviously this film's main draw is its editing, which is impressive & stimulating. But the script's tin-ear dialogue flows into wooden performances, dancing along a who-cares plot & further soured by an accent that has me questioning Terence Stamp's birth certificate.

  6. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film The Limey

    7.0/10, "THE LIMEY is Soderbergh’s dry run of his experiment on gingering up the narrative with pyrotechnic editing flourishes."

  7. Ethan's rating of the film The Limey

    Terence Stamp gives an explosive performance in this contemplative revenge flick. Soderbergh has a special ability to put abstract images together to resemble the characters memories as they replay them in their own mind. A harsh film with a certain beauty to it, due in large part to its sensual cinematography.

  8. Constance Bennett's rating of the film The Limey

    A cinematic tour de force. The ultimate proof that you can make an explosive film without special effects. The closest America has come come to a Guy Ritchie movie. Gotta love the cockney slang. I’m now convinced that Steven Soderbergh can make any genre of movie. He nails both dialogue and editing here.

  9. DenoResandono's rating of the film The Limey

    One of my favorite movie from director Steven Soderbergh. In my opinion, THE LIMEY has a simple plot or storytelling. But Soderbergh used some innovative editing techniques to tell his story. The result was remarkable. Other than exciting storytelling, THE LIMEY also has some incredible performances in it. Especially, Terence Stamp as the main lead. We could easily have sympathy for him. Peter Fonda was also great...

  10. chris's rating of the film The Limey

  11. juanwynnxiii's rating of the film The Limey

    This film has value and is well done for what it was aimed for, but I didn't enjoy watching it. If not for the shots out of order and overlapping dialogue that was sometimes poetic, the narrative doesn't seem unique. It's structured similar to Comet (2014) but less abstract. Casual and straightforward in tone, presentation, and violence, that turned a bit silly near the end. Great a nostalgia seeing the cast.

  12. William R Clark's rating of the film The Limey

  13. El Biffo's rating of the film The Limey

    Revenge Movie with a bunch of guys shooting at each other. I wouldn't have watched this if it hadn't been presented on Mubi. I suppose Soderbergh is considered an Auteur, of sorts. Nice editing. I usually don't even review these kinds of pictures but I guess this is an Action/Arthouse crossover. I liked the Easy Rider homage with Peter Fonda and Magic Carpet Ride. So long Peter, you were a piece of Hippie History.

  14. Dylan O'Connell's rating of the film The Limey

    The Limey is a drama/murder mystery movie directed by Steven Soderbergh, about a english man named Wilson who traveled to america trying to find out what happen to his daughter Jenny Wilson, to find out if she was murdered or if her death was really a car accident. The movie starts out kind of slow but slowly picks up as it goes on the plot that hits home in the last 30 minutes of the film. The Limey is a good film.

  15. Wee Hunk's rating of the film The Limey

    This was back before Soderbergh traded style for fluidity. Good performances, though it's tough to tell whether Stamp's dialogue wasn't a bit hackneyed. As if he were overplaying it a bit because nobody could tell the difference.

  16. Reid Schmidt's rating of the film The Limey

    With a concept that has been used time and time again, revenge, it would be easy for The Limey to rely on tropes and tell a mediocre story. Instead, Soderbergh's care for the character shows in its stylistic elements that cause the viewer anxiety and anticipation, replicating the very feelings of the main protagonist, confusion on the edge of mental instability. The Limey is a very touching story.

  17. Anachary's rating of the film The Limey

    The editing is impeccable. Best of Soderberg's work.

  18. samantha rodriguez's rating of the film The Limey

    Language used is not what would be expected from a 2019 movie but for the time period is appropriate. Haziness of beginning scenes makes the audience want to watch more. Flashbacks are very beneficial for the success of the movie. Camera was also shaky, but camera quality was good. The ending is the best part of this movie. Wilson is revealed to be not as reckless as he's seemed and there is closure for Jenny.

  19. Madelyn Fletcher's rating of the film The Limey

    While Soderbergh’s film was fascinating, it was hard to follow. There were multiple clips from this movie that flashed back to a different time period or scenes that left you feeling a bit confused. The suspense was great, I never knew what was gonna happen, but at the same time I’m not sure if I’m a fan of that because it’s harder for it to make sense of it all and how it will play out. Did not end like I expected.

  20. S. Riff's rating of the film The Limey

  21. michael Dunahm's rating of the film The Limey

    In terms of movies that have 'vengeance' as the main undertone, The Limey leaves a lot to be desired. I felt unsatisfied with the majority of the movie from character development, to any sort of flow in the narrative, and finally to the more crucial scenes that i felt should have been taken a different direction.

  22. Erik F.'s rating of the film The Limey

  23. Shawn Schroeder's rating of the film The Limey

    Great soundtrack and satisfying revenge story. RIP Peter Fonda, an interesting and politically flawed person.

  24. Ignatz's rating of the film The Limey

    One of the most chronically overrated pieces of shit ever produced.

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