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  1. marco's rating of the film The Lineup

  2. Jonathan Shields's rating of the film The Lineup

    I'm not the biggest Don Siegel fan. I'm not big on Coogan's Bluff, Hell Is For Heroes, Dirty Harry, nor his "tv" version of The Killers. I do like some of the others, though, but nothing I knew of him led me to expect a great deal from this 1958 noir. Precise, stark and visually high in contrast (Hal Mohr was the DP) Siegel employed some of my favourite noir elements and got terrifically nasty turns from his cast.

  3. João Eça's rating of the film The Lineup

    The ending is terrific: best car chase done with rear projection ever and a very effective assassination scene. Eli Wallack is a pleasure to watch (as always), but the dialogues are just boring and the characters are plain as hell. That's the problem with most of the "investigation movies" Hollywood produced in the forties and fifties: they're talky and boring and, in the end, not that much cinematic.

  4. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Lineup

    An extremely brisk beginning, a pair of villains that will haunt you for days, Richard Jaeckel as the alcoholic wheelman, social etiquette taught by a gay Pygmalion to a psychopathic hit man. 86 minutes of sheer pleasure. Masterpiece.