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  1. Photo of Adolfo Aristarain

    Adolfo Aristarain Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jorge Cuomo

    Jorge Cuomo Producer

  3. Photo of Lita Stantic

    Lita Stantic Producer

  4. Photo of Horacio Maira

    Horacio Maira Cinematography

  5. Photo of Julio de Grazia

    Julio de Grazia Cast

  6. Photo of Luisina Brando

    Luisina Brando Cast

  7. Photo of Fernanda Mistral

    Fernanda Mistral Cast

  8. Photo of Beba Bidart

    Beba Bidart Cast

  9. Photo of Julio Chávez

    Julio Chávez Cast

  10. Photo of Arturo Maly

    Arturo Maly Cast

  11. Photo of Ulises Dumont

    Ulises Dumont Cast

  12. Photo of Osvaldo Terranova

    Osvaldo Terranova Cast

  13. Photo of Cecilia Padilla

    Cecilia Padilla Cast

  14. Photo of Lidia Catalano

    Lidia Catalano Cast

  15. Photo of Alejandro Patinio

    Alejandro Patinio Cast

  16. Photo of Patricio Contreras

    Patricio Contreras Cast

  17. Photo of Miguel Guerberof

    Miguel Guerberof Cast

  18. Photo of Enrique Mazza

    Enrique Mazza Cast

  19. Photo of Héctor Monti

    Héctor Monti Cast

  20. Photo of Aldo Pastur

    Aldo Pastur Cast

  21. Photo of Ernesto Torchia

    Ernesto Torchia Cast

  22. Photo of Marcos Woinsky

    Marcos Woinsky Cast

  23. Photo of Javier Nigelson

    Javier Nigelson Cast

  24. Photo of Roberto Barrios

    Roberto Barrios Cast

  25. Photo of Tito Luca

    Tito Luca Cast

  26. Photo of Miguel Pérez

    Miguel Pérez Editing

  27. Photo of Aníbal Gruart

    Aníbal Gruart Music

  28. Photo of Jorge Navarro

    Jorge Navarro Music

  29. Photo of Pedro Marra

    Pedro Marra Sound

  30. Photo of Jorge Stavropulos

    Jorge Stavropulos Sound

  31. Photo of Kathy Saavedra

    Kathy Saavedra Costume Design and Production Design