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  1. Photo of Michel Deville

    Michel Deville Director

  2. Photo of Gilles Perrault

    Gilles Perrault Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claude Lecomte

    Claude Lecomte Cinematography

  4. Photo of Andrew Chandler

    Andrew Chandler Cast

  5. Photo of Hélène Dassule

    Hélène Dassule Cast

  6. Photo of Nicole Palmer

    Nicole Palmer Cast

  7. Photo of Hamish Scrimgeour

    Hamish Scrimgeour Cast

  8. Photo of Katherine Scrimgeour

    Katherine Scrimgeour Cast

  9. Photo of Nicolas Sireau

    Nicolas Sireau Cast

  10. Photo of Remi Usquin

    Remi Usquin Cast

  11. Photo of Valérie Gauthier

    Valérie Gauthier Cast

  12. Photo of Yveline Ailhaud

    Yveline Ailhaud Cast

  13. Photo of Michel Amphoux

    Michel Amphoux Cast

  14. Photo of Roland Amstutz

    Roland Amstutz Cast

  15. Photo of Pierre Ascaride

    Pierre Ascaride Cast

  16. Photo of Jean-Pierre Bagot

    Jean-Pierre Bagot Cast

  17. Photo of Nathalie Bécue

    Nathalie Bécue Cast

  18. Photo of Didier Bénureau

    Didier Bénureau Cast

  19. Photo of Liliane Bertrand

    Liliane Bertrand Cast

  20. Photo of Jacques Brot

    Jacques Brot Cast

  21. Photo of Raymonde Guyot

    Raymonde Guyot Editing

  22. Photo of Edgar Cosma

    Edgar Cosma Music

  23. Photo of José Xavier

    José Xavier Animation