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  1. Photo of Jorge Grau

    Jorge Grau Director

  2. Photo of Juan Cobos

    Juan Cobos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sandro Continenza

    Sandro Continenza Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marcello Coscia

    Marcello Coscia Screenplay

  5. Photo of Miguel Rubio

    Miguel Rubio Screenplay

  6. Photo of Cristina Galbó

    Cristina Galbó Cast

  7. Photo of Ray Lovelock

    Ray Lovelock Cast

  8. Photo of Arthur Kennedy

    Arthur Kennedy Cast

  9. Photo of Aldo Massasso

    Aldo Massasso Cast

  10. Photo of Giorgio Trestini

    Giorgio Trestini Cast

  11. Photo of Roberto Posse

    Roberto Posse Cast

  12. Photo of José Lifante

    José Lifante Cast

  13. Photo of Jeannine Mestre

    Jeannine Mestre Cast

  14. Photo of Gengher Gatti

    Gengher Gatti Cast

  15. Photo of Fernando Hilbeck

    Fernando Hilbeck Cast

  16. Photo of Vera Drudi

    Vera Drudi Cast

  17. Photo of Vicente Vega

    Vicente Vega Cast

  18. Photo of Francisco Sempere

    Francisco Sempere Cinematography

  19. Photo of Giuliano Sorgini

    Giuliano Sorgini Music

  20. Photo of Carlo Leva

    Carlo Leva Production Design

  21. Photo of Edmondo Amati

    Edmondo Amati Producer

  22. Photo of Manuel Perez

    Manuel Perez Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Domingo García

    Domingo García Editing

  24. Photo of Vincenzo Tomassi

    Vincenzo Tomassi Editing