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  1. Photo of Robert Clouse

    Robert Clouse Director

  2. Photo of Ron Miller

    Ron Miller Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jan Williams

    Jan Williams Producer

  4. Photo of Hugh Attwooll

    Hugh Attwooll Producer

  5. Photo of Gail Morgan Hickman

    Gail Morgan Hickman Screenplay

  6. Photo of Joshua Brand

    Joshua Brand Screenplay

  7. Photo of Martha Coolidge

    Martha Coolidge Screenplay

  8. Photo of Godfrey A. Godar

    Godfrey A. Godar Cinematography, Producer

  9. Photo of Peter Boita

    Peter Boita Editing

  10. Photo of Mike Campbell

    Mike Campbell Editing

  11. Photo of John Cameron

    John Cameron Music

  12. Photo of Jeffrey Byron

    Jeffrey Byron Cast

  13. Photo of Larry Cedar

    Larry Cedar Cast

  14. Photo of Roy Kinnear

    Roy Kinnear Cast

  15. Photo of Lee Montague

    Lee Montague Cast

  16. Photo of Mona Washbourne

    Mona Washbourne Cast

  17. Photo of David Kossoff

    David Kossoff Cast

  18. Photo of Frank Windsor

    Frank Windsor Cast

  19. Photo of Walter Gotell

    Walter Gotell Cast

  20. Photo of Nigel Davenport

    Nigel Davenport Cast

  21. Photo of Dudley Sutton

    Dudley Sutton Cast

  22. Photo of David Battley

    David Battley Cast

  23. Photo of Julian Orchard

    Julian Orchard Cast

  24. Photo of Kathleen Harrison

    Kathleen Harrison Cast

  25. Photo of Percy Herbert

    Percy Herbert Cast

  26. Photo of Don Fellows

    Don Fellows Cast

  27. Photo of Bruce Boa

    Bruce Boa Cast

  28. Photo of Wolfe Morris

    Wolfe Morris Cast

  29. Photo of Milos Kirek

    Milos Kirek Cast

  30. Photo of André Maranne

    André Maranne Cast

  31. Photo of Rita Webb

    Rita Webb Cast

  32. Photo of George Pravda

    George Pravda Cast

  33. Photo of Minah Bird

    Minah Bird Cast

  34. Photo of Burt Kwouk

    Burt Kwouk Cast