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  1. Photo of Bryan Spicer

    Bryan Spicer Director

  2. Photo of Richard Compton

    Richard Compton Director

  3. Photo of Rob Bowman

    Rob Bowman Director

  4. Photo of David Jackson

    David Jackson Director

  5. Photo of John T. Kretchmer

    John T. Kretchmer Director

  6. Photo of Vincent Misiano

    Vincent Misiano Director

  7. Photo of Carol Banker

    Carol Banker Director

  8. Photo of Chris Carter

    Chris Carter Screenplay

  9. Photo of Vince Gilligan

    Vince Gilligan Screenplay

  10. Photo of John Shiban

    John Shiban Screenplay

  11. Photo of Frank Spotnitz

    Frank Spotnitz Screenplay

  12. Photo of Colin Friesen

    Colin Friesen Screenplay

  13. Photo of Thomas Schnauz

    Thomas Schnauz Screenplay

  14. Photo of Nandi Bowe

    Nandi Bowe Screenplay

  15. Photo of Bruce Harwood

    Bruce Harwood Cast

  16. Photo of Tom Braidwood

    Tom Braidwood Cast

  17. Photo of Dean Haglund

    Dean Haglund Cast

  18. Photo of Zuleikha Robinson

    Zuleikha Robinson Cast

  19. Photo of Stephen Snedden

    Stephen Snedden Cast