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  1. Photo of Adrian Hoven

    Adrian Hoven Director

  2. Photo of David F. Friedman

    David F. Friedman Director

  3. Photo of Fred Denger

    Fred Denger Screenplay

  4. Photo of David F. Friedman

    David F. Friedman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Brigitte Parnitzke

    Brigitte Parnitzke Screenplay

  6. Photo of David F. Friedman

    David F. Friedman Producer

  7. Photo of Ingo Hermes

    Ingo Hermes Producer

  8. Photo of Daniele Patucchi

    Daniele Patucchi Music

  9. Photo of Hannes Staudinger

    Hannes Staudinger Cinematography

  10. Photo of Robert Freeman

    Robert Freeman Editing

  11. Photo of Inga Hoffmann

    Inga Hoffmann Editing

  12. Photo of Hans-Dieter Schwarz

    Hans-Dieter Schwarz Sound

  13. Photo of Raimund Harmstorf

    Raimund Harmstorf Cast

  14. Photo of Sybil Danning

    Sybil Danning Cast

  15. Photo of Heidy Bohlen

    Heidy Bohlen Cast

  16. Photo of Carlheinz Heitmann

    Carlheinz Heitmann Cast

  17. Photo of Fred Coplan

    Fred Coplan Cast

  18. Photo of Walter Kraus

    Walter Kraus Cast

  19. Photo of Fred Berhoff

    Fred Berhoff Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Berling

    Peter Berling Cast

  21. Photo of Achim Kaden

    Achim Kaden Cast

  22. Photo of Celine Bernier

    Celine Bernier Cast