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  1. nrh's rating of the film The Longest Nite

    pitch-black, swaggering genre piece from to & co. as milky way ramps up for 'a hero never dies.' with one of the strangest lighting and color schemes of the 90s, and a peculiar, stuttering editing patterns with an unnerving tendency to focus on empty space and pools of too-hot light sources. and the moroder quoting synth score is one of the best of to's career.

  2. CJ Roy's rating of the film The Longest Nite

    Thanks for the article. I looked for info on this and couldn't find much anything.

  3. Adam Cook's rating of the film The Longest Nite

    It doesn't work as a cohesive whole and is occasionally confusing tonally, but this contains some of To's most astonishing expressive flourishes (the climax is the Hong Kong action version of the climax of Lady From Shanghai). This is merely a guess, but it feels as though To, free of being officially attached to the film, took more chances outside of his stylistic identity that would influence his later films.

  4. Nguyen Thai Vi's rating of the film The Longest Nite

    Before Infernal Affairs, we already had The Longest Nite! And Johnnie To actually directed this one!