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  1. Photo of Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Brian Kavanaugh-Jones

    Brian Kavanaugh-Jones Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jason Blum

    Jason Blum Producer

  4. Photo of Andy Gould

    Andy Gould Producer

  5. Photo of Oren Peli

    Oren Peli Producer

  6. Photo of Steven Schneider

    Steven Schneider Producer

  7. Photo of Brandon Trost

    Brandon Trost Cinematography

  8. Photo of Glenn Garland

    Glenn Garland Editing

  9. Photo of Jennifer Spence

    Jennifer Spence Production Design

  10. Photo of Sheri Moon Zombie

    Sheri Moon Zombie Cast

  11. Photo of Ken Foree

    Ken Foree Cast

  12. Photo of Jeffrey Daniel Phillips

    Jeffrey Daniel Phillips Cast

  13. Photo of Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Cast

  14. Photo of Clint Howard

    Clint Howard Cast

  15. Photo of Udo Kier

    Udo Kier Cast

  16. Photo of Maria Conchita Alonso

    Maria Conchita Alonso Cast

  17. Photo of Dee Wallace

    Dee Wallace Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Berryman

    Michael Berryman Cast

  19. Photo of Sid Haig

    Sid Haig Cast

  20. Photo of Billy Drago

    Billy Drago Cast

  21. Photo of Christopher Knight

    Christopher Knight Cast

  22. Photo of Bruce Davison

    Bruce Davison Cast

  23. Photo of Meg Foster

    Meg Foster Cast

  24. Photo of Patricia Quinn

    Patricia Quinn Cast

  25. Photo of Judy Geeson

    Judy Geeson Cast

  26. Photo of Daniel Roebuck

    Daniel Roebuck Cast

  27. Photo of Richard Lynch

    Richard Lynch Cast

  28. Photo of Camille Keaton

    Camille Keaton Cast

  29. Photo of Andrew Prine

    Andrew Prine Cast

  30. Photo of John 5

    John 5 Music