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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Lost World

    This is the first true dinosaur movie and Arthur Conan Doyle's original short story (that is the basis for this one) inspired every dinosaur movie and book that followed since including the "Jurassic Park" and "King Kong" craze. The dinosaurs were recreated by using stop-motion animation (which also was a first in film) and are excellent for it's time. A fun silent gem.

  2. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film The Lost World

    Some time ago now, department stores at Christmas showed small animated figures in their windows. It's a bit like that, The Lost World ... a showcase of toys :-) Dans le temps les vitrines de grands magasins à Noël présentaient de petites figurines animées. C'est un peu ça The Lost World ... une vitrine de jouets de grands magasins :-)

  3. A-H-H-H's rating of the film The Lost World

  4. Dominic Rainsford's rating of the film The Lost World

    Cardboard characters, but well cast. Surprisingly good effects. Nice London/Amazon contrasts.

  5. Henk Lamers's rating of the film The Lost World

    Final score: 5. Storyline: 6, Originality: 6, Cinematography: 6, Involvement: 4, Sound: 5, Editing: 6, Educational: 7, Title design: 5, Acting: 5, Interesting: 5, Unusual: 6, Exciting: 4, Superior: 5

  6. Wee Hunk's rating of the film The Lost World

    Unusual usage of English. "I have a presentiment ..." "What is amiss with me?" "Famous Zoologist returns from South America without proofs of a strange tale." "Do you give him in charge, sir?"

  7. Eric Rucker's rating of the film The Lost World

    Anthropologist's delight! Thx MUBI! The animated scenes were so magical I was irked by the "story" until I remembered Saturday matinee serials, then I had fun with that part, even the apalling blackface character who reveals so much about general white attitudes and confusion around black people. Mind-boggling that the dinosaurs seemed better understood than a contemporary fellow human being with darker skin color.

  8. Nick Potter's rating of the film The Lost World

    Truly awesome by definition to see where special effects came from and where they are now. It's equally fascinating to see the impact The Lost World has left on cinema, from the eight-years-later King Kong all the way to modern day monster movies. Even if the human scenes feel lacking, the claymation dinosaur scenes are still terrific. All the gratitude in the world is what this classic deserves.

  9. Madison Santos's rating of the film The Lost World

    a cinematic journey of how the loch ness monster came to be

  10.'s rating of the film The Lost World

    Fascinating from a cinematic point of view. The visuals must have blown audiences minds in 1925 and it makes an interesting comparison to the original King Kong from 1933, whose story very roughly parallels Lost World. The human drama is quite dull here other than some humorous scenes with Beery in the beginning, but it's nicely done and the visuals are quite striking in an antique way.

  11. miskiamber's rating of the film The Lost World

    Very good, very cute, very sad, very happy.

  12. Kristin Gardner's rating of the film The Lost World

    This is now my favorite silent film I've ever seen! I've always loved monster movies, and you can see how every other monster movie thereafter took inspiration from The Lost World. Yes, the romance is ridiculous and there's inexplicably a character in blackface and a weird, evil monkey-man, but it was 1925! The dinosaurs are terrific.

  13. jamesey's rating of the film The Lost World

    The craft in creating the scenes with the dinosaurs is incredible. 90 years later, I was still sucked in.

  14. Ben Loory's rating of the film The Lost World

    every scene with a dinosaur is great, just really charming and inventive; every scene with a human is beyond awful. last ten minutes manage to pull it out, though! and i'm glad the brontosaurus got away.

  15. Nilbaran's rating of the film The Lost World

    partly: racist and sexist

  16. msmichel's rating of the film The Lost World

    '2000 restoration' The 1925 original after being shown in terribly edited versions for years was restored to proper length in this version. Still holds up on its own as adventure story and as inspiration for the filmmakers who would come later especially 'King Kong' eight years later and the work of Ray Harryhousen down the line. Sure the effects are quaint now but put in context quite extraordinary.

  17. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Lost World

    A film that could've potentially impressed me, this adventure film lacks an adventurous story. The SFX were crude for its time but ultimately impressive & was the best part of the film. But the lack of wonder, Love's many closeups, the pointless Ape Man, & Beery's cranky performance makes this a letdown. A few laughs are had in the allosaurus' & their insatiable appetite.

  18. Matt's rating of the film The Lost World

  19. John's rating of the film The Lost World

    This was one of the first movies I ever saw. I was impressed with it as a kid and I'm still impressed with it