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  1. Photo of Cyril Coke

    Cyril Coke Director

  2. Photo of Viktors Ritelis

    Viktors Ritelis Director

  3. Photo of Douglas Camfield

    Douglas Camfield Director

  4. Photo of David Cunliffe

    David Cunliffe Director

  5. Photo of Michael J. Bird

    Michael J. Bird Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jack Ronder

    Jack Ronder Screenplay

  7. Photo of David Weir

    David Weir Screenplay

  8. Photo of David Fisher

    David Fisher Screenplay

  9. Photo of Ian Hendry

    Ian Hendry Cast

  10. Photo of Wanda Ventham

    Wanda Ventham Cast

  11. Photo of Maurice Denham

    Maurice Denham Cast

  12. Photo of Stefan Gryff

    Stefan Gryff Cast

  13. Photo of Anthony Stamboulieh

    Anthony Stamboulieh Cast

  14. Photo of James Kerry

    James Kerry Cast

  15. Photo of Thorley Walters

    Thorley Walters Cast

  16. Photo of Sylvia Coleridge

    Sylvia Coleridge Cast

  17. Photo of Julia Goodman

    Julia Goodman Cast

  18. Photo of Martin Howells

    Martin Howells Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Maxwell

    Paul Maxwell Cast

  20. Photo of Timothy Carlton

    Timothy Carlton Cast

  21. Photo of Susan Engel

    Susan Engel Cast

  22. Photo of Ronald Howard

    Ronald Howard Cast

  23. Photo of John Horsley

    John Horsley Cast

  24. Photo of Godfrey James

    Godfrey James Cast

  25. Photo of Karl Held

    Karl Held Cast

  26. Photo of Carol Cleveland

    Carol Cleveland Cast

  27. Photo of Karan David

    Karan David Cast

  28. Photo of Frank Duncan

    Frank Duncan Cast

  29. Photo of Calliope Petrohilos

    Calliope Petrohilos Cast

  30. Photo of Max Samett

    Max Samett Cinematography

  31. Photo of Stavros Xarhakos

    Stavros Xarhakos Music

  32. Photo of Anthony Read

    Anthony Read Producer

  33. Photo of Michael Glynn

    Michael Glynn Producer

  34. Photo of Peter Barber

    Peter Barber Editing

  35. Photo of Terry Cornelius

    Terry Cornelius Editing

  36. Photo of Michael Boyd

    Michael Boyd Editing

  37. Photo of Michael Shah Dayan

    Michael Shah Dayan Editing

  38. Photo of Geoffrey Botterill

    Geoffrey Botterill Editing

  39. Photo of Bill Meekums

    Bill Meekums Sound