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  1. Photo of Roberto Gavaldón

    Roberto Gavaldón Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of José Revueltas

    José Revueltas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mauricio Magdaleno

    Mauricio Magdaleno Screenplay

  4. Photo of Edmundo Báez

    Edmundo Báez Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dolores del Río

    Dolores del Río Cast

  6. Photo of Roberto Cañedo

    Roberto Cañedo Cast

  7. Photo of Domingo Soler

    Domingo Soler Cast

  8. Photo of María Douglas

    María Douglas Cast

  9. Photo of José Elías Moreno

    José Elías Moreno Cast

  10. Photo of Julio Villarreal

    Julio Villarreal Cast

  11. Photo of Arturo Soto Rangel

    Arturo Soto Rangel Cast

  12. Photo of Nicolás Rodríguez

    Nicolás Rodríguez Cast

  13. Photo of Enriqueta Reza

    Enriqueta Reza Cast

  14. Photo of Manuel de la Vega

    Manuel de la Vega Cast

  15. Photo of Rafael Farrés

    Rafael Farrés Cast

  16. Photo of Miroslava

    Miroslava Cast

  17. Photo of Alex Phillips

    Alex Phillips Cinematography

  18. Photo of Antonio Díaz Conde

    Antonio Díaz Conde Music

  19. Photo of Jorge Fernández

    Jorge Fernández Production Design

  20. Photo of Gregorio Walerstein

    Gregorio Walerstein Producer

  21. Photo of Rafael Ceballos

    Rafael Ceballos Editing

  22. Photo of Enrique Rodríguez

    Enrique Rodríguez Sound

  23. Photo of Armando Valdés Peza

    Armando Valdés Peza Costume Design