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  1. Photo of Mauro Bolognini

    Mauro Bolognini Director

  2. Photo of Alfredo Bini

    Alfredo Bini Producer

  3. Photo of Mario Pratesi

    Mario Pratesi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vasco Pratolini

    Vasco Pratolini Screenplay

  5. Photo of Pasquale Festa Campanile

    Pasquale Festa Campanile Screenplay

  6. Photo of Massimo Franciosa

    Massimo Franciosa Screenplay

  7. Photo of Leonida Barboni

    Leonida Barboni Cinematography

  8. Photo of Jean-Paul Belmondo

    Jean-Paul Belmondo Cast

  9. Photo of Claudia Cardinale

    Claudia Cardinale Cast

  10. Photo of Pietro Germi

    Pietro Germi Cast

  11. Photo of Romolo Valli

    Romolo Valli Cast

  12. Photo of Gabriella Pallotta

    Gabriella Pallotta Cast

  13. Photo of Gina Sammarco

    Gina Sammarco Cast

  14. Photo of Marcella Valeri

    Marcella Valeri Cast

  15. Photo of Emma Baron

    Emma Baron Cast

  16. Photo of Claudio Biava

    Claudio Biava Cast

  17. Photo of Paul Frankeur

    Paul Frankeur Cast

  18. Photo of Nino Baragli

    Nino Baragli Editing

  19. Photo of Piero Piccioni

    Piero Piccioni Music

  20. Photo of Piero Tosi

    Piero Tosi Costume Design and Production Design