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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Algitya's rating of the film Isadora

    Such an admirable performance we had here, Mrs. Redgrave.

  2. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Isadora

    Vanessa Redgrave is wonderful and deserved her Cannes award for Best Actress. I suspect the famous song "If I were a rich man" in the 1971 film "Fiddler on the Roof" borrowed some of the music from "Isadora" made four years before. Some of the cinematography is very, very good. Not always, though.

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Isadora

    La première impression que laisse cette réalisation, à la fin de la projection, est l'évidence d'une indiscutable performance artistique de l'excellente Vanessa Redgrave dans le rôle titre, assumant avec un réel talent les moult facettes d'un personnage fascinant et déroutant. Paradoxalement, on est fort éloigné des chefs-d'oeuvre du réalisateur que l'on a connu déjà plus inspiré et plus percutant.

  4. Francisco's rating of the film Isadora

    Amazing movie. Amazing performances.

  5. Ouro Boros's rating of the film Isadora

    Superior performance by Redgrave who manages to uncannily look like Duncan even though the two are poles apart physically. The art direction here is another plus requiring letterboxing and color restoration to fully appreciate its beauty. Complete 3 hour cut also necessary! Good companion and contrast to this is Ken Russell's ISADORA: THE BIGGEST DANCER IN THE WORLD 1966 with the great Vivian Pickles.

  6. Pily's rating of the film Isadora

    This film details her life and how she became the unique woman and artist that she was. Her story is fascinating not only because she was one of the innovators of contemporary dance but also because of her intelligence, visionary imagination and determination. She was one of the most brilliant people of modern times. In many ways she was as much a philosopher as a dancer

  7. Mayukh Sen's rating of the film Isadora

    everyone always goes on and on about meryl streep's combination of technique and emotionalism but no one ever talks about vanessa redgrave (not on this site, anyway). here, redgrave is everything others feel streep is – you're aware of the meticulousness of her craft, accent and all, but she is so charismatic, so full of life, that you can't take your eyes off her. it's one of the great performances in cinema.

  8. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Isadora

    Largesse practically drowns this earnest if episodic (not helped by unsympathetic editing) dawdle through the key points in Duncan's life. The dots don't quite join together and it resembles an over elaborately detailed thimble. An odd topic to throw millions at, but the art direction is worthy of a viewing. Redgrave acts with a capital A which doesn't help. Not a patch on Ken Russell's film from a year or so earlier