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  1. Photo of Walter Lima Jr.

    Walter Lima Jr. Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Anecy Rocha

    Anecy Rocha Cast

  3. Photo of Cláudio Marzo

    Cláudio Marzo Cast

  4. Photo of Paulo César Peréio

    Paulo César Peréio Cast

  5. Photo of António Pedro

    António Pedro Cast

  6. Photo of Pedro Bira

    Pedro Bira Cast

  7. Photo of Jorge Rocha de Lima

    Jorge Rocha de Lima Cast

  8. Photo of Alvaro Freire

    Alvaro Freire Cast

  9. Photo of Isabella

    Isabella Cast

  10. Photo of Jamelão

    Jamelão Cast

  11. Photo of João Loredo

    João Loredo Cast

  12. Photo of Jorge Mourão

    Jorge Mourão Cast

  13. Photo of Bene Nunes

    Bene Nunes Cast

  14. Photo of Tonico Pereira

    Tonico Pereira Cast

  15. Photo of Flávia Ribeiro

    Flávia Ribeiro Cast

  16. Photo of Marilza

    Marilza Cast

  17. Photo of Ribeiro

    Ribeiro Cast

  18. Photo of Olinda Ribeiro

    Olinda Ribeiro Cast

  19. Photo of Otoniel Serra

    Otoniel Serra Cast

  20. Photo of Rosita Thomaz Lopes

    Rosita Thomaz Lopes Cast

  21. Photo of Dib Lutfi

    Dib Lutfi Cinematography

  22. Photo of Paulo Moura

    Paulo Moura Music

  23. Photo of Amaury Alves

    Amaury Alves Editing

  24. Photo of Mair Tavares

    Mair Tavares Editing

  25. Photo of Mario Silva

    Mario Silva Sound

  26. Photo of José Antônio Ventura

    José Antônio Ventura Sound