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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Machine

    Thriller fantastique qui sombre souvent dans la facilité et n'évite pas le ridicule.

  2. bastos's rating of the film The Machine

    i'm not a horror fan, so this genre is not interesting for me. But overall this movie draws too undifferentiated characters. Depardieu is an good actor, but these are no news. New for me is the really good looking -but not acting- young Natalia Woerner. She is getting a much better actress in later movies.

  3. bontampi's rating of the film The Machine

    The movie didn´t get old very well. With such an idea you could have gone much further in the psychodrama but the bad music and the sleepy script nearly kills it at the end. Nice to see dider bourdon in a serious role but it´s not really worth watching.