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  1. Photo of James P. Hogan

    James P. Hogan Director

  2. Photo of Brenda Weisberg

    Brenda Weisberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Paul Gangelin

    Paul Gangelin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hanns Kräly

    Hanns Kräly Screenplay

  5. Photo of David Bruce

    David Bruce Cast

  6. Photo of Evelyn Ankers

    Evelyn Ankers Cast

  7. Photo of George Zucco

    George Zucco Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Armstrong

    Robert Armstrong Cast

  9. Photo of Turhan Bey

    Turhan Bey Cast

  10. Photo of Milburn Stone

    Milburn Stone Cast

  11. Photo of Andrew Tombes

    Andrew Tombes Cast

  12. Photo of Rose Hobart

    Rose Hobart Cast

  13. Photo of Addison Richards

    Addison Richards Cast

  14. Photo of Charles McGraw

    Charles McGraw Cast

  15. Photo of Milton R. Krasner

    Milton R. Krasner Cinematography

  16. Photo of Hans J. Salter

    Hans J. Salter Music

  17. Photo of Milton Carruth

    Milton Carruth Editing