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  1. Photo of Jean-Gabriel Albicocco

    Jean-Gabriel Albicocco Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Henri Brichetti

    Henri Brichetti Producer

  3. Photo of Jean Velter

    Jean Velter Producer

  4. Photo of Quinto Albicocco

    Quinto Albicocco Cinematography

  5. Photo of Michel Auclair

    Michel Auclair Cast

  6. Photo of Ewa Swann

    Ewa Swann Cast

  7. Photo of Madeleine Robinson

    Madeleine Robinson Cast

  8. Photo of Brigitte Auber

    Brigitte Auber Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Claude Michel

    Jean-Claude Michel Cast

  10. Photo of Maurice Garrel

    Maurice Garrel Cast

  11. Photo of Daniel Cauchy

    Daniel Cauchy Cast

  12. Photo of Marc Michel

    Marc Michel Cast

  13. Photo of Philippe Mareuil

    Philippe Mareuil Cast

  14. Photo of Danielle Palmero

    Danielle Palmero Cast

  15. Photo of Georges Klotz

    Georges Klotz Editing

  16. Photo of Jean-Pierre Bourtayre

    Jean-Pierre Bourtayre Music

  17. Photo of Bernard Aubouy

    Bernard Aubouy Sound

  18. Photo of Philippe Dumarçay

    Philippe Dumarçay Screenplay

  19. Photo of Pierre Pelegri

    Pierre Pelegri Screenplay

  20. Photo of Serge Sauvion

    Serge Sauvion Cast

  21. Photo of Daniel Louradour

    Daniel Louradour Production Design