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  1. Photo of Bryan Forbes

    Bryan Forbes Director

  2. Photo of Edward Anhalt

    Edward Anhalt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maurice Valency

    Maurice Valency Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean Giraudoux

    Jean Giraudoux Screenplay

  5. Photo of Katharine Hepburn

    Katharine Hepburn Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Henreid

    Paul Henreid Cast

  7. Photo of Oskar Homolka

    Oskar Homolka Cast

  8. Photo of Yul Brynner

    Yul Brynner Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Chamberlain

    Richard Chamberlain Cast

  10. Photo of Edith Evans

    Edith Evans Cast

  11. Photo of Donald Pleasence

    Donald Pleasence Cast

  12. Photo of Joellina Smadja

    Joellina Smadja Cast

  13. Photo of Henri Virlojeux

    Henri Virlojeux Cast

  14. Photo of John Gavin

    John Gavin Cast

  15. Photo of Gordon Heath

    Gordon Heath Cast

  16. Photo of Nanette Newman

    Nanette Newman Cast

  17. Photo of Gerald Sim

    Gerald Sim Cast

  18. Photo of Danny Kaye

    Danny Kaye Cast

  19. Photo of Giulietta Masina

    Giulietta Masina Cast

  20. Photo of Charles Boyer

    Charles Boyer Cast

  21. Photo of Claude Dauphin

    Claude Dauphin Cast

  22. Photo of Fernand Gravey

    Fernand Gravey Cast

  23. Photo of Catherine Berg

    Catherine Berg Cast

  24. Photo of Burnett Guffey

    Burnett Guffey Cinematography

  25. Photo of Claude Renoir

    Claude Renoir Cinematography

  26. Photo of Michael J. Lewis

    Michael J. Lewis Music

  27. Photo of Ray Simm

    Ray Simm Production Design

  28. Photo of Ely A. Landau

    Ely A. Landau Producer

  29. Photo of Anthony B. Unger

    Anthony B. Unger Producer

  30. Photo of Roger Dwyre

    Roger Dwyre Editing