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  1. Photo of Alfréd Radok

    Alfréd Radok Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Václav Kliment Klicpera

    Václav Kliment Klicpera Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sasa Rasilov

    Sasa Rasilov Cast

  4. Photo of Zdeněk Dítě

    Zdeněk Dítě Cast

  5. Photo of Josef Kemr

    Josef Kemr Cast

  6. Photo of Alena Kreuzmannová

    Alena Kreuzmannová Cast

  7. Photo of Theodor Pištěk

    Theodor Pištěk Cast

  8. Photo of Rudolf Pellar

    Rudolf Pellar Cast

  9. Photo of Jirí Novotny

    Jirí Novotny Cast

  10. Photo of Frantisek Kovárik

    Frantisek Kovárik Cast

  11. Photo of Jaromír Pleskot

    Jaromír Pleskot Cast

  12. Photo of Jarmila Bechynová

    Jarmila Bechynová Cast

  13. Photo of František Šlégr

    František Šlégr Cast

  14. Photo of Otto Rubík

    Otto Rubík Cast

  15. Photo of Vladimír Řepa

    Vladimír Řepa Cast

  16. Photo of Terezie Brzková

    Terezie Brzková Cast

  17. Photo of Václav Trégl

    Václav Trégl Cast

  18. Photo of Eman Fiala

    Eman Fiala Cast

  19. Photo of Ludek Mattausch

    Ludek Mattausch Cast

  20. Photo of Soňa Červená

    Soňa Červená Cast

  21. Photo of Svatopluk Bezdeka

    Svatopluk Bezdeka Cast

  22. Photo of Miroslav Svoboda

    Miroslav Svoboda Cast

  23. Photo of Jiri Suk

    Jiri Suk Cast

  24. Photo of Josef Najman

    Josef Najman Cast

  25. Photo of Josef Hlinomaz

    Josef Hlinomaz Cast

  26. Photo of Josef Strecha

    Josef Strecha Cinematography

  27. Photo of Josef Sternwald

    Josef Sternwald Music

  28. Photo of Jaroslav Krška

    Jaroslav Krška Production Design

  29. Photo of Josef Svoboda

    Josef Svoboda Production Design

  30. Photo of Jirí Becka

    Jirí Becka Producer

  31. Photo of Jirina Lukesová

    Jirina Lukesová Editing

  32. Photo of Josef Matěj Gottlieb

    Josef Matěj Gottlieb Costume Design

  33. Photo of Erna Vesela

    Erna Vesela Costume Design