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  1. Photo of Riccardo Freda

    Riccardo Freda Director

  2. Photo of Filippo Sanjust

    Filippo Sanjust Story and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antoinette Pellevant

    Antoinette Pellevant Screenplay

  4. Photo of Brett Halsey

    Brett Halsey Cast

  5. Photo of Claudia Mori

    Claudia Mori Cast

  6. Photo of Françoise Fabian

    Françoise Fabian Cast

  7. Photo of José Nieto

    José Nieto Cast

  8. Photo of Jacinto San Emeterio

    Jacinto San Emeterio Cast

  9. Photo of Félix Dafauce

    Félix Dafauce Cast

  10. Photo of Andrea Bosic

    Andrea Bosic Cast

  11. Photo of Rossella Como

    Rossella Como Cast

  12. Photo of Carla Calò

    Carla Calò Cast

  13. Photo of Bernard Blier

    Bernard Blier Cast

  14. Photo of Diego Michelotti

    Diego Michelotti Cast

  15. Photo of Elio Pandolfi

    Elio Pandolfi Cast

  16. Photo of Umberto D'Orsi

    Umberto D'Orsi Cast

  17. Photo of Giampiero Littera

    Giampiero Littera Cast

  18. Photo of Dany París

    Dany París Cast

  19. Photo of Bruno Scipioni

    Bruno Scipioni Cast

  20. Photo of Sandro Dori

    Sandro Dori Cast

  21. Photo of Luigi Carpentieri

    Luigi Carpentieri Producer

  22. Photo of Ermanno Donati

    Ermanno Donati Producer

  23. Photo of Sergio Newman

    Sergio Newman Producer

  24. Photo of Francesco De Masi

    Francesco De Masi Music

  25. Photo of Raffaele Masciocchi

    Raffaele Masciocchi Cinematography

  26. Photo of Julio Ortas

    Julio Ortas Cinematography

  27. Photo of Ornella Micheli

    Ornella Micheli Editing

  28. Photo of Aurelio Crugnola

    Aurelio Crugnola Production Design