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  1. Photo of Antoine Fuqua

    Antoine Fuqua Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Roger Birnbaum

    Roger Birnbaum Producer

  3. Photo of Todd Black

    Todd Black Producer

  4. Photo of Bruce Berman

    Bruce Berman Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Walter Mirisch

    Walter Mirisch Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Ben Waisbren

    Ben Waisbren Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Nic Pizzolatto

    Nic Pizzolatto Screenplay

  8. Photo of Richard Wenk

    Richard Wenk Screenplay

  9. Photo of Akira Kurosawa

    Akira Kurosawa Screenplay

  10. Photo of Shinobu Hashimoto

    Shinobu Hashimoto Screenplay

  11. Photo of Hideo Oguni

    Hideo Oguni Screenplay

  12. Photo of Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington Cast

  13. Photo of Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt Cast

  14. Photo of Ethan Hawke

    Ethan Hawke Cast

  15. Photo of Vincent D'Onofrio

    Vincent D'Onofrio Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Sarsgaard

    Peter Sarsgaard Cast

  17. Photo of Lee Byung-hun

    Lee Byung-hun Cast

  18. Photo of Matt Bomer

    Matt Bomer Cast

  19. Photo of Cam Gigandet

    Cam Gigandet Cast

  20. Photo of Vinnie Jones

    Vinnie Jones Cast

  21. Photo of Luke Grimes

    Luke Grimes Cast

  22. Photo of Haley Bennett

    Haley Bennett Cast

  23. Photo of Mauro Fiore

    Mauro Fiore Cinematography

  24. Photo of John Refoua

    John Refoua Editing

  25. Photo of Derek R. Hill

    Derek R. Hill Production Design

  26. Photo of Sharen Davis

    Sharen Davis Costume Design

  27. Photo of James Horner

    James Horner Music

  28. Photo of Simon Franglen

    Simon Franglen Music