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  1. Photo of John Frankau

    John Frankau Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Christopher Hodson

    Christopher Hodson Director

  3. Photo of Marc Miller

    Marc Miller Director

  4. Photo of Tony Wharmby

    Tony Wharmby Director

  5. Photo of Derek Bennett

    Derek Bennett Director

  6. Photo of Cyril Coke

    Cyril Coke Director

  7. Photo of Bob Hird

    Bob Hird Director

  8. Photo of Michael Ferguson

    Michael Ferguson Director

  9. Photo of Edmund Ward

    Edmund Ward Screenplay

  10. Photo of Louis Marks

    Louis Marks Screenplay

  11. Photo of John Batt

    John Batt Screenplay

  12. Photo of David Weir

    David Weir Screenplay

  13. Photo of John Malcolm

    John Malcolm Screenplay and Music

  14. Photo of David Lees

    David Lees Screenplay

  15. Photo of Ray Jenkins

    Ray Jenkins Screenplay

  16. Photo of John Stride

    John Stride Cast

  17. Photo of John Wentworth

    John Wentworth Cast

  18. Photo of Margaret Ashcroft

    Margaret Ashcroft Cast

  19. Photo of Anna Palk

    Anna Palk Cast

  20. Photo of Glynn Edwards

    Glynn Edwards Cast

  21. Photo of Kate O'Mara

    Kate O'Mara Cast

  22. Photo of Philip Bond

    Philip Bond Cast

  23. Photo of John Arnatt

    John Arnatt Cast

  24. Photo of Estelle Kohler

    Estelle Kohler Cast

  25. Photo of Sharon Maughan

    Sharon Maughan Cast

  26. Photo of Anthony Isaac

    Anthony Isaac Music

  27. Photo of Mike Long

    Mike Long Production Design

  28. Photo of Tom Carter

    Tom Carter Production Design

  29. Photo of Roger Cheveley

    Roger Cheveley Production Design

  30. Photo of Andrew Drummond

    Andrew Drummond Production Design

  31. Photo of Malcolm Middleton

    Malcolm Middleton Production Design

  32. Photo of Vic Symonds

    Vic Symonds Production Design

  33. Photo of Mary Rea

    Mary Rea Production Design

  34. Photo of Howard Dawson

    Howard Dawson Production Design

  35. Photo of Alan Pickford

    Alan Pickford Production Design

  36. Photo of David Cunliffe

    David Cunliffe Executive Producer