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  1. Declan Cochran's rating of the film The Makes

    "curio" seems a too reductive a term for something with this reach, a sort of mock-doc about some films Antonioni never made, kind of as if they were made, but it's really about the ways in which the inherent fictions of cinema interact with the world around us as well as the primacy of the auteur, along with how the cinema, and how we react to the cinema, are two different things; "curio" lingers

  2. José Luis Treviño Sandoval's rating of the film The Makes

    ¿Por qué subtitulos en inglés, Mubi... por qué?

  3. Théo's rating of the film The Makes

    Très bel exercice que d'évoquer un cinéma fantasmé, mystique croisement entre le cinéma japonais et le cinéma italien, cinéma rêvé qu'on aurait tous aimé voir, mais... "les plus beaux films sont ceux que l'on n'a pas vu". "Ce Bowling sur le Tibre" est un livre que j'ai adoré lire. Des années plus tard, j'ai adoré le retrouver dans le film d'Eric Baudelaire. Un bel hommage au cinéma d'Antonioni, à Ozu, Resnais...

  4. DrFirestone's rating of the film The Makes

    Interesting idea, good quotes, I loved the old photos. It sounds weird but this film for the most part is a series of "reviews" of films that actually never existed... Fantastically executed, it feels so genuine, but with a mix of illusion. I wish some of the films mentioned actually existed. Slightly nostalgic.

  5. Imelda Says's rating of the film The Makes

    Oh now this has done clever and somewhat indescribable things to my mind - uneasy elisions - the lost scenes, the negative spaces - he is fluent until one re-start is shown, how many others hidden? When I saw Rachel Whiteread's installation 'One Hundred Spaces', avenues of oblong, dinted resin blocks. My body wanted to sit on them immediately, then my mind recognised them as casts from the underspaces of chairs.

  6. ruthlornaadele's rating of the film The Makes

    nah. I got distracted by the sound and stopped listening.

  7. Charlie's rating of the film The Makes

    A little boring but I did enjoy some of the stories. Most of all I enjoyed the pictures.

  8. AugusteB's rating of the film The Makes

    I like the edges of cinema. Just Monica Vitti's Origami boat made it all look a bit cheap at the end.

  9. Michael's rating of the film The Makes

  10. Bojan Bodruzic's rating of the film The Makes

    Wonderful film, reminds of Borges and Bolano when they wrote about imaginary books.

  11. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film The Makes

    oh, god! what is true and what is false? beautiful

  12. Leco's rating of the film The Makes

    This short does hold its own standards, one pretty well announced right from the start, with the quote. What do we have if not our own imagination when confronted by unfinished stories, alternate possibilities or just the ones we couldn't be there to seize, to begin with?

  13. Em Rand's rating of the film The Makes

    Confusing and educative! "Images can effect as much in their absence as in their presence" -- or in their alteration (as with [sic]). I do wish there was more information around this film.

  14. Renzo Belón's rating of the film The Makes

    Somehow it catched me, even thought I've not seen a lot of Antonioni's work. I liked hearing the plot of the stories, and the anecdotes. A strange way to experiment with suspention of disbelief. I also liked just watching the photographs.

  15. Stephen Yeates's rating of the film The Makes

    Just one of the most boring things I've seen in all my life. Maybe that's the point, but it's beyond flat. It's very, very nearly not there at all. I was day dreaming about walking a dog I don't even own as matey boy was blithering on. Blimey.

  16. Superfrog's rating of the film The Makes

    Very meta, not as enjoyable as [sic]. The play with showing rushes rather than a finished product is the most playful part, and reminds of Godard's let's talk to the spectator and fuck with their mind for a bit moments. Good score for the contents, with no idea as to whether any of it is true or not, as it is scripted fiction and not an interview.

  17. Nunox's rating of the film The Makes

  18. Olivier Serafinowicz's rating of the film The Makes

    Interesting evocation of Antonioni, in its form, making one feel like watching the films he did finish.

  19. Ekaterina Chernyaeva's rating of the film The Makes

    Films which never became films in a film which is not really a film. Wonderful research which feels like a piece of art, rather than something documentary.

  20. Owen Atkins's rating of the film The Makes

    Some great quotes in there, a lot of focus on Japanese film which is a unique and beautiful art. Really informed opinion of the "critic" but I wish there was a movie about this from a Japanese female POV. Why does it always have to be white male critiques commenting on "oriental" art?

  21. Julie Portier's rating of the film The Makes

    Un journaliste de libération qui s'écoute parler avec une manière parisienne insupportable ne parvenant pas à déguiser la vacuité totale des quelques anecdotes qu'il a à nous raconter! Inintéressant au possible. Je n'ai pas pu passer la 13e minute, vraiment pas la meilleure idée d'Eric Baudelaire

  22. Sin título.'s rating of the film The Makes

    Una exploración acerca de aquello que pudo haber sido a través de los ojos de alguien que supone saber lo que podría ser. Eric Baudelaire mantiene su visión fresca en los juegos de aquello que pasó pero podemos imaginarlo diferente. La anti-historia de la ficción producto de un intercambio cultural.

  23. raggiodisole's rating of the film The Makes

    Documentary feel, and fascinating in terms of subject matter. also toyed playfully with the viewer in terms of its presentation.

  24. Paul Relf's rating of the film The Makes

    So this whole thing is fabrication right? I loved the photographs and the film plot ideas were beautiful to listen to like that, talked in a way that made you wished they existed so you could enjoy them the way 'the critic' here does.

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