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  1. Photo of Patrick Duffy

    Patrick Duffy Cast

  2. Photo of Belinda Montgomery

    Belinda Montgomery Cast

  3. Photo of Alan Fudge

    Alan Fudge Cast

  4. Photo of Victor Buono

    Victor Buono Cast

  5. Photo of Herbert F. Solow

    Herbert F. Solow Executive Producer

  6. Photo of John D.F. Black

    John D.F. Black Screenplay

  7. Photo of Luther Murdoch

    Luther Murdoch Screenplay

  8. Photo of Jerry Sohl

    Jerry Sohl Screenplay

  9. Photo of Robert Lewin

    Robert Lewin Screenplay

  10. Photo of Mayo Simon

    Mayo Simon Screenplay

  11. Photo of Peter Allan Fields

    Peter Allan Fields Screenplay

  12. Photo of Stephen Kandel

    Stephen Kandel Screenplay

  13. Photo of David H. Balkan

    David H. Balkan Screenplay

  14. Photo of Larry Alexander

    Larry Alexander Screenplay

  15. Photo of Michael I. Wagner

    Michael I. Wagner Screenplay

  16. Photo of Alan Caillou

    Alan Caillou Screenplay

  17. Photo of Tom Greene

    Tom Greene Screenplay

  18. Photo of Shimon Wincelberg

    Shimon Wincelberg Screenplay

  19. Photo of Lee H. Katzin

    Lee H. Katzin Director

  20. Photo of Paul Krasny

    Paul Krasny Director

  21. Photo of Dennis Donnelly

    Dennis Donnelly Director

  22. Photo of Dann Cahn

    Dann Cahn Director

  23. Photo of David Moessinger

    David Moessinger Director

  24. Photo of Robert Douglas

    Robert Douglas Director

  25. Photo of Edward M. Abroms

    Edward M. Abroms Director

  26. Photo of Harry Harris

    Harry Harris Director

  27. Photo of Virgil W. Vogel

    Virgil W. Vogel Director

  28. Photo of Richard Benedict

    Richard Benedict Director

  29. Photo of Michael O'Herlihy

    Michael O'Herlihy Director

  30. Photo of Barry Crane

    Barry Crane Director

  31. Photo of Marc Daniels

    Marc Daniels Director

  32. Photo of Charles S. Dubin

    Charles S. Dubin Director

  33. Photo of Reza Badiyi

    Reza Badiyi Director

  34. Photo of Fred Karlin

    Fred Karlin Music