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  1. Photo of Bo Widerberg

    Bo Widerberg Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Sven Wollter

    Sven Wollter Cast

  3. Photo of Tomas von Brömssen

    Tomas von Brömssen Cast

  4. Photo of Håkan Serner

    Håkan Serner Cast

  5. Photo of Ernst Günther

    Ernst Günther Cast

  6. Photo of Thomas Hellberg

    Thomas Hellberg Cast

  7. Photo of Ingvar Hirdwall

    Ingvar Hirdwall Cast

  8. Photo of Niels Jensen

    Niels Jensen Cast

  9. Photo of Tommy Johnson

    Tommy Johnson Cast

  10. Photo of Rico Rönnbäck

    Rico Rönnbäck Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Villius

    Hans Villius Cast

  12. Photo of Sten Lonnert

    Sten Lonnert Cast

  13. Photo of Nina Gunke

    Nina Gunke Cast

  14. Photo of Margreth Weivers

    Margreth Weivers Cast

  15. Photo of Gun Karlsson

    Gun Karlsson Cast

  16. Photo of Marie Delleskog

    Marie Delleskog Cast

  17. Photo of Carl-Olof Alm

    Carl-Olof Alm Cast

  18. Photo of Tord Norlund

    Tord Norlund Cast

  19. Photo of Karin Bergstrand

    Karin Bergstrand Cast

  20. Photo of Ole Ränge

    Ole Ränge Cast

  21. Photo of Ann-Christin Santesson

    Ann-Christin Santesson Cast

  22. Photo of Johan Widerberg

    Johan Widerberg Cast

  23. Photo of Jerry Martinger

    Jerry Martinger Cast

  24. Photo of Johnny Lonn

    Johnny Lonn Cast

  25. Photo of Gert Fylking

    Gert Fylking Cast

  26. Photo of Mona-Lis Hässelbäck

    Mona-Lis Hässelbäck Cast

  27. Photo of Thomas Whalberg

    Thomas Whalberg Cinematography

  28. Photo of Björn J:son Lindh

    Björn J:son Lindh Music

  29. Photo of Jan Öqvist

    Jan Öqvist Production Design

  30. Photo of Göran Lindström

    Göran Lindström Producer

  31. Photo of Karin Sundvall

    Karin Sundvall Costume Design