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  1. Dale Wittig's rating of the film The Man I Love

    Ida Lupino is at the center of her fourth film with Walsh, a noir musical, where her character, Petey Brown, solves everyone’s problems but her own. Bruce Bennett plays the man she loves, a troubled jazz pianist capable of greatness but determined to fail. She’s the only one holding chaos and hunger at bay. Robert Alda plays the club owner who wants to control her, even as he’s screwing her foolish sister in law.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film The Man I Love

    Film de commande du grand metteur en scène américain Raoul Walsh qui traîne efficacement toute la nostalgie des blessures amoureuses, sous l'égide de deux acteurs talentueux, magistralement réunis, Ida Lupino et Bruce Bennett...

  3. AugusteB's rating of the film The Man I Love

    The character Petey Brown gives Ida Lupino the possibility to show all what she is good at. Even if the story is a bit all over the place. One of the best happy-sad endings.

  4. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film The Man I Love

    I like Ida Lupino more as a person than as an artist. I didn't think she was a great actress or a great director but she projected such sense. This is not common. That said, "The Man I Love" is one of her best movies. I like to watch it for her.

  5. poli_vie9's rating of the film The Man I Love

    You still have to change a still ;)

  6. Larry Gross's rating of the film The Man I Love

    I love this little-seen rarely discussed Walsh film. Ida Lupino's performance is superb. However I don't think this is a still from the film. To the best of my knowledge George Raft isn't in the movie. (Robert Alda is a brilliantly conceived weak Raft-wannabe gangster who Lupino slaps around at a decisive moment in the film.) This movie is a strange in-advance-of-cultural-history feminist classics.

  7. Bogie's rating of the film The Man I Love

    The still is not from this movie; it's from They Drive by Night (1940) by Raoul Walsh

  8. Sudarshan R.'s rating of the film The Man I Love

    It's a pity that this masterpiece is still so little known. An influence on films such as NEW YORK, NEW YORK and ROADHOUSE, this is a portrait of a jazz musician Petey Brown(Ida Lupino, great as always) returning home to her sisters. This is a film about post-war blues very precisely captured and rendered with great simplicity and poetry.

  9. João Eça's rating of the film The Man I Love

    I would never expect Walsh to make a feminine picture. He did, fortunately.

  10. Charles Coleman's rating of the film The Man I Love

    I loved everything about this movie. The acting and directing is top notch, the dialogue is snappy, and I found it incredibly moving at the end. Really good movie about heartbreak.

  11. evening_enchanted's rating of the film The Man I Love

    A gem of a film -- Walsh's direction is great, Lupino is fierce and the plot is, for the most part, very intriguing. I have one qualm though -- I think the film could have worked better if the other characters had been more fleshed out. I for one would have liked to have found out more about Sally's husband and his PTSD. All in all though, this underseen film is well worth checking out.