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  1. Photo of Sergio Rezende

    Sergio Rezende Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tairone Feitosa

    Tairone Feitosa Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Louzeiro

    José Louzeiro Screenplay

  4. Photo of José Wilker

    José Wilker Cast

  5. Photo of Marieta Severo

    Marieta Severo Cast

  6. Photo of Jonas Bloch

    Jonas Bloch Cast

  7. Photo of Isolda Cresta

    Isolda Cresta Cast

  8. Photo of Mariana de Moraes

    Mariana de Moraes Cast

  9. Photo of Jurandir de Oliveira

    Jurandir de Oliveira Cast

  10. Photo of Jackson De Souza

    Jackson De Souza Cast

  11. Photo of Ligia Diniz

    Ligia Diniz Cast

  12. Photo of Chico Díaz

    Chico Díaz Cast

  13. Photo of Alvaro Freire

    Alvaro Freire Cast

  14. Photo of Carlos Gregório

    Carlos Gregório Cast

  15. Photo of Guilherme Karan

    Guilherme Karan Cast

  16. Photo of Waldir Onofre

    Waldir Onofre Cast

  17. Photo of Tonico Pereira

    Tonico Pereira Cast

  18. Photo of Fernando Reski

    Fernando Reski Cast

  19. Photo of Paulo Villaça

    Paulo Villaça Cast

  20. Photo of César Charlone

    César Charlone Cinematography

  21. Photo of Paul de Castro

    Paul de Castro Music

  22. Photo of David Tygel

    David Tygel Music

  23. Photo of Mariza Leão

    Mariza Leão Producer

  24. Photo of Therezinha Kalil Petrus

    Therezinha Kalil Petrus Producer

  25. Photo of Vera Freire

    Vera Freire Editing

  26. Photo of Rafael Justo Valverde

    Rafael Justo Valverde Editing

  27. Photo of Hercília Cardillo

    Hercília Cardillo Sound

  28. Photo of Zezé d'Alice

    Zezé d'Alice Sound

  29. Photo of José Luiz Sasso

    José Luiz Sasso Sound

  30. Photo of Rita Murtinho

    Rita Murtinho Costume Design

  31. Photo of Isabel Paranhos

    Isabel Paranhos Costume Design