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  1. Photo of Robert Mulligan

    Robert Mulligan Director

  2. Photo of Jenny Wingfield

    Jenny Wingfield Screenplay

  3. Photo of Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon Cast

  4. Photo of Sam Waterston

    Sam Waterston Cast

  5. Photo of Tess Harper

    Tess Harper Cast

  6. Photo of Gail Strickland

    Gail Strickland Cast

  7. Photo of Jason London

    Jason London Cast

  8. Photo of Emily Warfield

    Emily Warfield Cast

  9. Photo of Bentley Mitchum

    Bentley Mitchum Cast

  10. Photo of Ernie Lively

    Ernie Lively Cast

  11. Photo of Dennis Letts

    Dennis Letts Cast

  12. Photo of Earleen Bergeron

    Earleen Bergeron Cast

  13. Photo of Anna Chappell

    Anna Chappell Cast

  14. Photo of Brandi Smith

    Brandi Smith Cast

  15. Photo of Sandi Smith

    Sandi Smith Cast

  16. Photo of Derek Ball

    Derek Ball Cast

  17. Photo of Spencer Ball

    Spencer Ball Cast

  18. Photo of Freddie Francis

    Freddie Francis Cinematography

  19. Photo of James Newton Howard

    James Newton Howard Music

  20. Photo of Gene Callahan

    Gene Callahan Production Design

  21. Photo of Mark Rydell

    Mark Rydell Producer

  22. Photo of Bill Borden

    Bill Borden Producer

  23. Photo of William S. Gilmore

    William S. Gilmore Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Shari Rhodes

    Shari Rhodes Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Trudy Ship

    Trudy Ship Editing

  26. Photo of Peter Bentley

    Peter Bentley Sound

  27. Photo of Elisha Birnbaum

    Elisha Birnbaum Sound

  28. Photo of Anthony J. Ciccolini III

    Anthony J. Ciccolini III Sound

  29. Photo of Pam DeMetruis-Thomas

    Pam DeMetruis-Thomas Sound

  30. Photo of Lee Dichter

    Lee Dichter Sound

  31. Photo of Thomas A. Gulino

    Thomas A. Gulino Sound

  32. Photo of Richard King

    Richard King Sound

  33. Photo of George A. Lara

    George A. Lara Sound

  34. Photo of Marko A. Costanzo

    Marko A. Costanzo Sound

  35. Photo of Brian Vancho

    Brian Vancho Sound

  36. Photo of Dawni Saldutti

    Dawni Saldutti Costume Design

  37. Photo of Peter V. Saldutti

    Peter V. Saldutti Costume Design

  38. Photo of Fredda Slavin

    Fredda Slavin Art Department

  39. Photo of Daril Alder

    Daril Alder Art Department

  40. Photo of LaVonne Doane

    LaVonne Doane Special Effects

  41. Photo of Neil Stockstill

    Neil Stockstill Special Effects

  42. Photo of John Alagna

    John Alagna Visual Effects