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  1. Photo of Charles Laughton

    Charles Laughton Cast and Director

  2. Photo of Patricia Roc

    Patricia Roc Cast

  3. Photo of Jean Wallace

    Jean Wallace Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Hutton

    Robert Hutton Cast

  5. Photo of Burgess Meredith

    Burgess Meredith Director and Cast

  6. Photo of Irving Allen

    Irving Allen Producer and Director

  7. Photo of Franchot Tone

    Franchot Tone Producer and Cast

  8. Photo of Harry Brown

    Harry Brown Screenplay

  9. Photo of Georges Simenon

    Georges Simenon Screenplay

  10. Photo of Stanley Cortez

    Stanley Cortez Cinematography

  11. Photo of Louis Sackin

    Louis Sackin Editing

  12. Photo of Michel Michelet

    Michel Michelet Music