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  1. Photo of Michael Relph

    Michael Relph Screenplay and Producer

  2. Photo of Anthony Armstrong

    Anthony Armstrong Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roger Moore

    Roger Moore Cast

  4. Photo of Thorley Walters

    Thorley Walters Cast

  5. Photo of Olga Georges-Picot

    Olga Georges-Picot Cast

  6. Photo of Alastair Mackenzie

    Alastair Mackenzie Cast

  7. Photo of Hildegard Neil

    Hildegard Neil Cast

  8. Photo of Kevork Malikyan

    Kevork Malikyan Cast

  9. Photo of Anton Rodgers

    Anton Rodgers Cast

  10. Photo of Freddie Jones

    Freddie Jones Cast

  11. Photo of John Welsh

    John Welsh Cast

  12. Photo of Edward Chapman

    Edward Chapman Cast

  13. Photo of Laurence Hardy

    Laurence Hardy Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Lloyd Pack

    Charles Lloyd Pack Cast

  15. Photo of Gerald Sim

    Gerald Sim Cast

  16. Photo of Ruth Trouncer

    Ruth Trouncer Cast

  17. Photo of Aubrey Richards

    Aubrey Richards Cast

  18. Photo of Anthony Nicholls

    Anthony Nicholls Cast

  19. Photo of John Carson

    John Carson Cast

  20. Photo of John Dawson

    John Dawson Cast

  21. Photo of Terence Sewards

    Terence Sewards Cast

  22. Photo of Tony Spratling

    Tony Spratling Cinematography

  23. Photo of Michael J. Lewis

    Michael J. Lewis Music

  24. Photo of Albert Witherick

    Albert Witherick Production Design

  25. Photo of Jack Rix

    Jack Rix Producer

  26. Photo of Bryan Forbes

    Bryan Forbes Producer and Screenplay

  27. Photo of Basil Dearden

    Basil Dearden Executive Producer, Screenplay Director

  28. Photo of Teddy Darvas

    Teddy Darvas Editing