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  1. Photo of Tage Danielsson

    Tage Danielsson Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Olle Hellbom

    Olle Hellbom Producer

  3. Photo of Olle Nordemar

    Olle Nordemar Producer

  4. Photo of Gunnar Svensson

    Gunnar Svensson Music

  5. Photo of Kalle Bergholm

    Kalle Bergholm Cinematography

  6. Photo of Wic Kjellin

    Wic Kjellin Editing

  7. Photo of Stig Limér

    Stig Limér Production Design

  8. Photo of Christer Furubrand

    Christer Furubrand Sound

  9. Photo of Jan-Erik Lundberg

    Jan-Erik Lundberg Sound

  10. Photo of Gösta Ekman

    Gösta Ekman Cast

  11. Photo of Grynet Molvig

    Grynet Molvig Cast

  12. Photo of Toivo Pawlo

    Toivo Pawlo Cast

  13. Photo of Holger Löwenadler

    Holger Löwenadler Cast

  14. Photo of Gunn Wållgren

    Gunn Wållgren Cast

  15. Photo of Olle Hilding

    Olle Hilding Cast

  16. Photo of Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt

    Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Lindstedt

    Pierre Lindstedt Cast

  18. Photo of Marianne Stjernqvist

    Marianne Stjernqvist Cast

  19. Photo of Jan-Olof Strandberg

    Jan-Olof Strandberg Cast

  20. Photo of Meta Velander

    Meta Velander Cast

  21. Photo of Stig Torstensson

    Stig Torstensson Cast

  22. Photo of Ulf von Zweigbergk

    Ulf von Zweigbergk Cast

  23. Photo of Margaretha Krook

    Margaretha Krook Cast

  24. Photo of Jytte Abildstrøm

    Jytte Abildstrøm Cast

  25. Photo of Stig Ossian Ericson

    Stig Ossian Ericson Cast

  26. Photo of Manne Grünberger

    Manne Grünberger Cast

  27. Photo of Annette Poivre

    Annette Poivre Cast

  28. Photo of Michel Francini

    Michel Francini Cast

  29. Photo of Sylvain Salnave

    Sylvain Salnave Cast

  30. Photo of Olga Georges-Picot

    Olga Georges-Picot Cast

  31. Photo of Raymond Bussières

    Raymond Bussières Cast

  32. Photo of Per Carleson

    Per Carleson Cast

  33. Photo of Sandy Mansson

    Sandy Mansson Cast