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  1. Photo of Alberto Rodríguez

    Alberto Rodríguez Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rafael Cobos

    Rafael Cobos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Manuel Cerdán

    Manuel Cerdán Novel

  4. Photo of Eduard Fernández

    Eduard Fernández Cast

  5. Photo of José Coronado

    José Coronado Cast

  6. Photo of Carlos Santos

    Carlos Santos Cast

  7. Photo of Marta Etura

    Marta Etura Cast

  8. Photo of Luis Callejo

    Luis Callejo Cast

  9. Photo of Emilio Gutiérrez Caba

    Emilio Gutiérrez Caba Cast

  10. Photo of Craig Stevenson

    Craig Stevenson Cast

  11. Photo of Mireia Portas

    Mireia Portas Cast

  12. Photo of Christian Stamm

    Christian Stamm Cast

  13. Photo of Enric Benavent

    Enric Benavent Cast

  14. Photo of Philippe Rebbot

    Philippe Rebbot Cast

  15. Photo of Jim Arnold

    Jim Arnold Cast

  16. Photo of Álex Catalán

    Álex Catalán Cinematography

  17. Photo of Julio de la Rosa

    Julio de la Rosa Music

  18. Photo of Antonio Asensio Mosbah

    Antonio Asensio Mosbah Producer

  19. Photo of José Antonio Félez

    José Antonio Félez Producer

  20. Photo of Mercedes Gamero

    Mercedes Gamero Producer

  21. Photo of Gervasio Iglesias

    Gervasio Iglesias Producer

  22. Photo of Mikel Lejarza

    Mikel Lejarza Producer

  23. Photo of Francisco Ramos

    Francisco Ramos Producer

  24. Photo of José M. G. Moyano

    José M. G. Moyano Editing

  25. Photo of Daniel de Zayas

    Daniel de Zayas Sound

  26. Photo of César Molina

    César Molina Sound

  27. Photo of Fernando Garcia

    Fernando Garcia Costume Design

  28. Photo of Pepe Domínguez del Olmo

    Pepe Domínguez del Olmo Art Department