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  1. Photo of Carl Reiner

    Carl Reiner Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of George Gipe

    George Gipe Screenplay

  3. Photo of Steve Martin

    Steve Martin Cast and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kathleen Turner

    Kathleen Turner Cast

  5. Photo of David Warner

    David Warner Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Benedict

    Paul Benedict Cast

  7. Photo of James Cromwell

    James Cromwell Cast

  8. Photo of Merv Griffin

    Merv Griffin Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Chapman

    Michael Chapman Cinematography

  10. Photo of Joel Goldsmith

    Joel Goldsmith Music

  11. Photo of Marion Dougherty

    Marion Dougherty Production Design

  12. Photo of Polly Platt

    Polly Platt Production Design

  13. Photo of William E. McEuen

    William E. McEuen Producer

  14. Photo of David V. Picker

    David V. Picker Producer

  15. Photo of Bud Molin

    Bud Molin Editing