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  1. Photo of Arne Skouen

    Arne Skouen Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claes Gill

    Claes Gill Cast

  3. Photo of Wenche Foss

    Wenche Foss Cast

  4. Photo of Georg Løkkeberg

    Georg Løkkeberg Cast

  5. Photo of Urda Arneberg

    Urda Arneberg Cast

  6. Photo of Lars Andreas Larssen

    Lars Andreas Larssen Cast

  7. Photo of Anne-Lise Tangstad

    Anne-Lise Tangstad Cast

  8. Photo of Sverre Hansen

    Sverre Hansen Cast

  9. Photo of Harald Heide-Steen Jr.

    Harald Heide-Steen Jr. Cast

  10. Photo of Axel Kielland

    Axel Kielland Cast and Screenplay

  11. Photo of Einar Sissener

    Einar Sissener Cast

  12. Photo of Egil Hjorth-Jenssen

    Egil Hjorth-Jenssen Cast

  13. Photo of Helge Essmar

    Helge Essmar Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Coucheron-Aamot

    Hans Coucheron-Aamot Cast

  15. Photo of Carl Frederik Prytz

    Carl Frederik Prytz Cast

  16. Photo of Finn Bergan

    Finn Bergan Cinematography

  17. Photo of Hans Nord

    Hans Nord Cinematography

  18. Photo of Gunnar Sønstevold

    Gunnar Sønstevold Music

  19. Photo of Arild Brinchmann

    Arild Brinchmann Producer

  20. Photo of Dagfin Akselsen

    Dagfin Akselsen Sound