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  1. Photo of Yuri Kara

    Yuri Kara Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Mikhail A. Bulgakov

    Mikhail A. Bulgakov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anastasiya Vertinskaya

    Anastasiya Vertinskaya Cast

  4. Photo of Viktor Rakov

    Viktor Rakov Cast

  5. Photo of Mikhail Ulyanov

    Mikhail Ulyanov Cast

  6. Photo of Nikolay Burlyaev

    Nikolay Burlyaev Cast

  7. Photo of Valentin Gaft

    Valentin Gaft Cast

  8. Photo of Sergey Garmash

    Sergey Garmash Cast

  9. Photo of Viktor Pavlov

    Viktor Pavlov Cast

  10. Photo of Aleksandr Filippenko

    Aleksandr Filippenko Cast

  11. Photo of Vladimir Steklov

    Vladimir Steklov Cast

  12. Photo of Vyacheslav Shalevich

    Vyacheslav Shalevich Cast

  13. Photo of Spartak Mishulin

    Spartak Mishulin Cast

  14. Photo of Lev Durov

    Lev Durov Cast

  15. Photo of Sergey Nikonenko

    Sergey Nikonenko Cast

  16. Photo of Igor Vernik

    Igor Vernik Cast

  17. Photo of Aleksandra Zakharova

    Aleksandra Zakharova Cast

  18. Photo of Yevgeni Vesnik

    Yevgeni Vesnik Cast

  19. Photo of Yevgeni Grebnev

    Yevgeni Grebnev Cinematography

  20. Photo of Alfred Schnittke

    Alfred Schnittke Music

  21. Photo of Andrei Shnitke

    Andrei Shnitke Music

  22. Photo of Boris Kuzovkin

    Boris Kuzovkin Production Design

  23. Photo of Yuri Ustinov

    Yuri Ustinov Production Design