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  1. Photo of Michael Darlow

    Michael Darlow Director

  2. Photo of Michael Meyer

    Michael Meyer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henrik Ibsen

    Henrik Ibsen Play

  4. Photo of Pamela Binns

    Pamela Binns Cast

  5. Photo of Donald Churchill

    Donald Churchill Cast

  6. Photo of Jane Lapotaire

    Jane Lapotaire Cast

  7. Photo of Leo McKern

    Leo McKern Cast

  8. Photo of Natalie Ogle

    Natalie Ogle Cast

  9. Photo of Miranda Richardson

    Miranda Richardson Cast

  10. Photo of Simon Rouse

    Simon Rouse Cast

  11. Photo of Joan Ryan

    Joan Ryan Cast

  12. Photo of Sebastian Shaw

    Sebastian Shaw Cast

  13. Photo of Francis Shaw

    Francis Shaw Music

  14. Photo of David Myerscough-Jones

    David Myerscough-Jones Production Design

  15. Photo of Shaun Sutton

    Shaun Sutton Producer

  16. Photo of Joyce Mortlock

    Joyce Mortlock Costume Design