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  1. Photo of Ho Meng-Hua

    Ho Meng-Hua Director

  2. Photo of Runme Shaw

    Runme Shaw Producer

  3. Photo of Kuang Ni

    Kuang Ni Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kuang Han-Lu

    Kuang Han-Lu Cinematography

  5. Photo of Cho Wai-Kei

    Cho Wai-Kei Cinematography

  6. Photo of Feng Ku

    Feng Ku Cast

  7. Photo of Ping Chen

    Ping Chen Cast

  8. Photo of Lam Wai-Tiu

    Lam Wai-Tiu Cast

  9. Photo of Hui Siu-Hung

    Hui Siu-Hung Cast

  10. Photo of Hsieh Wang

    Hsieh Wang Cast

  11. Photo of Wong Hon

    Wong Hon Cast

  12. Photo of Law Hon

    Law Hon Cast

  13. Photo of Shi Lu-Kai

    Shi Lu-Kai Cast

  14. Photo of Yuen Man-Tzu

    Yuen Man-Tzu Cast

  15. Photo of Shen Chan

    Shen Chan Cast