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  1. Photo of Tomu Uchida

    Tomu Uchida Director

  2. Photo of Chôgorô Kaionji

    Chôgorô Kaionji Screenplay

  3. Photo of Masato Ide

    Masato Ide Screenplay

  4. Photo of Chikage Awashima

    Chikage Awashima Cast

  5. Photo of Hiromi Hanazono

    Hiromi Hanazono Cast

  6. Photo of Kensaku Hara

    Kensaku Hara Cast

  7. Photo of Ryôsuke Kagawa

    Ryôsuke Kagawa Cast

  8. Photo of Chiezo Kataoka

    Chiezo Kataoka Cast

  9. Photo of Eijirô Kataoka

    Eijirô Kataoka Cast

  10. Photo of Yataro Kurokawa

    Yataro Kurokawa Cast

  11. Photo of Masao Oda

    Masao Oda Cast

  12. Photo of Kajo Onoe

    Kajo Onoe Cast

  13. Photo of Eitarô Ozawa

    Eitarô Ozawa Cast

  14. Photo of Fujio Suga

    Fujio Suga Cast

  15. Photo of Kinnosuke Takamatsu

    Kinnosuke Takamatsu Cast

  16. Photo of Hisao Toake

    Hisao Toake Cast

  17. Photo of Shin Tokudaiji

    Shin Tokudaiji Cast

  18. Photo of Eijirô Tôno

    Eijirô Tôno Cast

  19. Photo of Isao Yamagata

    Isao Yamagata Cast

  20. Photo of Ryûtarô Ôtomo

    Ryûtarô Ôtomo Cast

  21. Photo of Hiroshi Okawa

    Hiroshi Okawa Producer

  22. Photo of Taichirô Kosugi

    Taichirô Kosugi Music

  23. Photo of Motoya Washyo

    Motoya Washyo Cinematography