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  1. Photo of Matthias Glasner

    Matthias Glasner Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bernd Medek

    Bernd Medek Producer

  3. Photo of Oliver Probst

    Oliver Probst Music

  4. Photo of Sonja Rom

    Sonja Rom Cinematography

  5. Photo of Miles Fender

    Miles Fender Editing

  6. Photo of Sven Heiligenstein

    Sven Heiligenstein Production Design

  7. Photo of Tania Lauenburg

    Tania Lauenburg Production Design

  8. Photo of Axel Arft

    Axel Arft Sound

  9. Photo of Jürgen Vogel

    Jürgen Vogel Cast and Producer

  10. Photo of Jasmin Tabatabai

    Jasmin Tabatabai Cast

  11. Photo of Andreja Schneider

    Andreja Schneider Cast

  12. Photo of Dani Levy

    Dani Levy Cast

  13. Photo of Benjamin Barge

    Benjamin Barge Cast