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  1. Photo of Michael Radford

    Michael Radford Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Screenplay

  3. Photo of Al Pacino

    Al Pacino Cast

  4. Photo of Jeremy Irons

    Jeremy Irons Cast

  5. Photo of Joseph Fiennes

    Joseph Fiennes Cast

  6. Photo of Lynn Collins

    Lynn Collins Cast

  7. Photo of Zuleikha Robinson

    Zuleikha Robinson Cast

  8. Photo of Kris Marshall

    Kris Marshall Cast

  9. Photo of Charlie Cox

    Charlie Cox Cast

  10. Photo of Heather Goldenhersh

    Heather Goldenhersh Cast

  11. Photo of Mackenzie Crook

    Mackenzie Crook Cast

  12. Photo of John Sessions

    John Sessions Cast

  13. Photo of Gregor Fisher

    Gregor Fisher Cast

  14. Photo of Ron Cook

    Ron Cook Cast

  15. Photo of Allan Corduner

    Allan Corduner Cast

  16. Photo of Benoît Delhomme

    Benoît Delhomme Cinematography

  17. Photo of Jocelyn Pook

    Jocelyn Pook Music

  18. Photo of Bruno Rubeo

    Bruno Rubeo Production Design

  19. Photo of Cary Brokaw

    Cary Brokaw Producer

  20. Photo of Michael Cowan

    Michael Cowan Producer

  21. Photo of Bob Bellion

    Bob Bellion Producer

  22. Photo of Jimmy de Brabant

    Jimmy de Brabant Producer

  23. Photo of Edwige Fenech

    Edwige Fenech Producer

  24. Photo of Nigel Goldsack

    Nigel Goldsack Producer

  25. Photo of Luciano Martino

    Luciano Martino Producer

  26. Photo of Barry Navidi

    Barry Navidi Producer

  27. Photo of Jason Piette

    Jason Piette Producer

  28. Photo of Michael Hammer

    Michael Hammer Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Peter James

    Peter James Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Robert Jones

    Robert Jones Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Alex Marshall

    Alex Marshall Executive Producer

  32. Photo of James Simpson

    James Simpson Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Manfred Wilde

    Manfred Wilde Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Lucia Zucchetti

    Lucia Zucchetti Editing