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  1. Photo of Rudolf Thome

    Rudolf Thome Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Gabriele Di Rosa

    Gabriele Di Rosa Music

  3. Photo of Hanno di Rosa

    Hanno di Rosa Music

  4. Photo of Martin Schäfer

    Martin Schäfer Cinematography

  5. Photo of Dörte Völz-Mammarella

    Dörte Völz-Mammarella Editing

  6. Photo of Anina Diener

    Anina Diener Production Design

  7. Photo of Hermann Ebling

    Hermann Ebling Sound

  8. Photo of Werner Klimm

    Werner Klimm Sound

  9. Photo of Vladimir Weigl

    Vladimir Weigl Cast

  10. Photo of Adriana Altaras

    Adriana Altaras Cast

  11. Photo of Malgorzata Gebel

    Malgorzata Gebel Cast

  12. Photo of Alexander Malkowsky

    Alexander Malkowsky Cast

  13. Photo of Barbara Beutler

    Barbara Beutler Cast

  14. Photo of Ganeshi Becks

    Ganeshi Becks Cast

  15. Photo of Max Below

    Max Below Cast

  16. Photo of Antje Goldau

    Antje Goldau Cast

  17. Photo of Martin Häupl

    Martin Häupl Cast

  18. Photo of Johannes Herrschmann

    Johannes Herrschmann Cast

  19. Photo of Bernhard Schütz

    Bernhard Schütz Cast

  20. Photo of Thomas Kempas

    Thomas Kempas Cast

  21. Photo of Beate Stope

    Beate Stope Cast

  22. Photo of Alf Bold

    Alf Bold Cast

  23. Photo of Brigitte Kolb

    Brigitte Kolb Cast